Food Allergy Education

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—  Food Allergy Education—

Successfully training food and beverage teams, teachers, and childcare professionals since 2007.

Photo by ViktorCap/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ViktorCap/iStock / Getty Images

It is our mission at Living Wisely, LLC, LW, to make traveling, eating out, going to school, attending summer camp, and joining a club or organization, a safer experience for those with food allergies. 

Through the creation of a standard of care, employee based education seminars, and special menu planning, LW has risen the bar for the hospitality, educational and service industries by targeting a fast-growing group of consumers, the food allergic. 

The LW Food Allergy seminar is the first of its kind to address both the needs of employees for food allergy education and the needs of the food allergic consumer for safe options for dining, traveling, going to school and joining an organization.