— Testimonials—



Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts make the training and development of our employees a high priority.  Higher still is the dedication to providing a place where our guests can experience the highest levels of service and product quality.  With the ever increasing existence of allergies in today's society, many of them life threatening, the need for proper training of our teams in how to handle these situations and the implementation of specific procedures has become a top priority for our hotel.  

Allergy awareness and training being such an important topic, we started looking for an expert in the field to conduct the seminars for our team.  We were very fortunate to have made the connection with Elaine Roemer from Living Wisely.  Elaine met with us and designed a program to suit our needs and conducted training seminars for all of our food related staff.  


Elaine's presentations were interesting and quickly got the attention of the participants.  She used many examples of actual case studies which made it personal for the staff.  This allowed our team to have a greater interest in the subject. The classes were both informative and educational, allowing more insight into how and what we can improve upon in the handling of allergies for both our guests and employees alike.  Everything from the various types of allergies to understanding the importance of the employees' role was covered in a very relaxed and fun learning atmosphere. Our employees left the seminars confident that they could handle any allergy issues presented. 

Allergies have become one of the most important issues for the food industry and I would highly recommend Elaine Roemer and Living Wisely for the implementation of a program into any establishment.

Sean McCarron

Director of Food and Beverage

Four Seasons Hotel Boston