Private Allergy Consultation

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Helping individuals and families overcome the challenges of food allergies since 2007. 
Photo by asiseeit/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by asiseeit/iStock / Getty Images

The diagnosis of a food allergy evokes a range of emotions. Relief to finally know what food(s) trigger unpleasant physical symptoms. Anxiety about how to  successfully remove those foods from your diet to achieve overall wellness. Overwhelming trepidation about how to, logistically, feed yourself and your family allergy free meals successfully on a daily basis.  And, how to cook family favorite recipes everyone at the table can safely eat.

How can hIring a private allergy consultant help?

By tackling the day-to-day hurdles for you.

           -Cleaning out and removing any/all allergic foods from the pantry, cupboards, and refrigerator.

-Rearranging pantry, cupboards, and refrigerator to minimize risks for cross contamination. 

-Grocery shopping and re-stocking with allergy free baking supplies, condiments, and food.

-Creating a master grocery list complete with allergen free alternatives to favorite snacks and meals, as well notations to which local stores carry which items/brands.

-Weekly grocery shopping to ensure a healthy stock of allergen free choices. 

-Adapting family recipes allergen free.

-Setting up a weekly meal plan, and assisting in meal preparation.

-Making school/work lunches and snacks. 

-Baking allergen free birthday cakes, cupcakes, and holiday treats.

Be it a one-off counseling session to help talk a new diagnosis through, a small series of sessions to get you and your family started, or a standing weekly schedule to grocery shop and meal prep, hiring a private allergy consultant will help ease the day-to-day stress of food allergies.